This is Mother's Hope

We are a rock band playing our own music as well as great, more and lesser known covers that fit our style. The music we play shows influences from blues (like Gov't Mule) and funk (e.g. Mother's Finest), and we play out in clubs and on festivals. Contact us if you want to get in touch with us!

Some cover's we play

Here are a few examples of covers that we like and play: ...and some classics like Dark Night, Maybe I'm a leo and Sunshine of your love.
Around half of what we play are our own songs!

Vocals: Mackan

WIth his rough and tough vocals, he is the one who puts it all together. He should be avoided on early mornings (if you manage to meet him on such a time).

Hammond and Keyboards: John

He delivers anything, from the Hammond and Leslie to the finest synths, our master of the keys.

Drums: Brunnkan

The restless backbone of the band, never standing still, and always saying what he thinks. A natural pace maker.

Guitar: Uffe

Our "wandering blues man" who just cannot get enough of playing guitar - fast and loud, as it should be!

Bass: Jochen

Master of the lower tones. Hard to thrill.

Thanks to Lennart Brorsson for the awesome images